this from Nick Pope, who got wind of the campaign via BD online:

Nick Pope's 3D rendering

Nick Pope’s 3D rendering fleshes out the Spitalfields Trust’s sketch

“I saw the great sketch done by the Spitalfields Trust and I wanted to start looking a bit more about how it could actually look in situ so I produced a 3D visual to try and illustrate my take on it. I don’t think anyone at all would object to buildings surrounding the restored pub so I’ve showed these in my visuals as blocks to either side. The pub could be used as a stand alone building or extended and incorporated into their development – both of which are very valid and possible options but seem to have been ignored so far.

I think it’s very easy to walk past an old, rather tired looking building and to think the area would be better without it. But with a bit of consideration and a little investment the result can be a building that relates so much more to its surroundings and benefits both locals and visitors to the area than just a new development alone.

If you leave the main streets in east London, very little is actually left of the interesting streets, squares and alleys that used to make up the area and with such popular areas like Shoreditch, Columbia Road and BroadwayMarket so close by that still have a few of these features left, I think it’s important to preserve what we can and to incorporate these buildings into future developments.
It’s obviously an exciting time for the Geffrye Museum and I would strongly urge them to look at a way of incorporating the old Marquis of Lansdowne building into their plans.”
Nick Pope
This put me in mind of another new building that works well around an existing pub, the Bear Lane project by Panter Hudspith Architects in Southwark:

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  1. I totally agree with Nick Pope’s suggestion and would hope this is in keeping with the values of the museum

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