The offending article

This is the former Marquis of Lansdowne pub on the corner of Cremer St and Geffrye St. It’s right next to the new Hoxton overground line and it backs onto the Geffrye Museum.

The Geffrye Museum plans to demolish the pub in order to make way for their new extension designed by David Chipperfield Architects. They are doing this with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund – which is – I believe – in complete opposition to the HLF’s first stated claim to “Conserve the UK’s diverse heritage for present and future generations to experience and enjoy”.

While of course we support the Geffrye Museum in their bid to extend their museum we strongly oppose the demolition of the pub.

The museum is a museum of the domestic interior from 1600 to the present day “the Geffrye Museum depicts the quintessential style of English middle-class living rooms” but if this demolition goes ahead the museum will destroy a genuine example of the living room of the working class – the Public House.

To sign the petition go here.


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